Egypreneur Membership

for Individuals

We connect entrepreneurs, experts and investors to start new innovative ventures!


I’m building a profitable business

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for Teams

We work with teams on optimizing their business and operation for high growth!

Small / Medium Enterprise

We are an established business, ready to grow

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for Organizations

We help organizations lead their market through innovation & competitiveness.

Corporate & Industry

We are a big corporate, shaping our industry

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Association & Nonprofit

We care about our members, policies and programs

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Educational Institution

We want our students & faculty to practice entrepreneurship

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For Individuals

Egypreneur Membership for individuals provides entrepreneurs, experts and investors access to a wide network of contacts, opportunities and facilities to boost their personal and professional success.


Surround yourself with the right contacts, gain knowledge, opportunities and services to scale your business.


Demonstrate your expertise and industry leadership, promote your services and join in building the next big thing!


Gain access to industry analysis and trends, a pipeline of investment opportunities and studies of what works!

For Teams

Egypreneur membership offer startup and small business teams outstanding value through connecting to the right contacts, accessing the right service provides and scale-up partners.


Surround yourself with the right contacts experimenting and make sure you are doing it right.


Breath entrepreneurship, access the right resources to scale and become a small giant!

For Organizations

Egypreneur membership offers organizations the perfect plug into boosting the morale of their staff, engage with their community, stir innovation and demonstrate leadership

Corporate & Industry

Stay on top of the game, scale innovative startups, engage with your community and inspire your employees to innovate.


Activate the entrepreneurial demon on campus, commercialize innovations and connect your students with industry!


Access the network of Egyptian entrepreneurs, find the right candidates for your programs and scale your impact through entrepreneurship.

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