#COVID-19 Business Continuity
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Resources, Checklists and Action Plans to support Egypt-based CEOs, Executive Leaders and SMEs during #COVID-19 Crisis

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Maintain the committment, productivity and welllbeing of your employees


Engage your customers to observe and respond to their changing needs


Redesign your strategy to match the new market conditions and opportunities


Plan your survival by managing your cashflow and assessing finance instruments to use


Maintain your wellbeing and that of those around you by consuming the right media

1. Employees

Your employees are the cornerstone to navigate these times and through them you can engineer your turn around. Now is the time for a holistic approach to employees committment, productivity and wellbeing.
  • Learn how to Communicate during Crisis
  • Onboard employees to Smart Work Program
  • Balance Productivity and Wellbeing
  • Expert advice with on-call  vCPO

2. Customers

Customers behavior will experience a temporary and permanent changes that will shape the future of your business, your best chance is to engage, listen and respond to your customers and their changing needs
  • Initiate proactive communications with your customers
  • Stay abreast of your customers’ changing needs and behaviors
  • Stand out with exceptional customer service and support
  • Launch a digital sales campaign to attract customers online

3. Strategy & Innovation

Whether you have developed a clear strategy or not, now is the time to restrategize and build new initiatives to respond to the changes in behaviors and needs for your customers

  • Play to Win Competitive Strategy Canvas
  • Business Model Innovation Canvas
  • Online, E-commerce and Digital Transformation initiatives
  • Effective execution of new strategic direction

4. Finances

Cash flow is what determines the viability of the company to survive, you’ll need to crunsh your numbers, minimize expenses while finance sustainability and new innovation initiatives

  • Shift your accounting system to “Profit First” approach
  • Plan debit finance rounds to finance pivoting initiatives
  • Expert advice with on-call vCFO
  • Pay only for what you use and extend on-demand

5. Wellbeing

As you and your employees transition to work virtually and endure unusual certainties and stresses, it becomes even more important to plan for physical and digital wellbeing
  • Constant assessment to your staff wellbeing
  • Proactive Preventive wellness through awareness and gamifications
  • Counselor intervension when necessary
  • Upgrade your Health Insurance program with a wellness program

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CrisisComms for CEOs & Executive Leaders in Egypt

Omnia Samra, Crisis Comms Expert

Smart Working Solutions for Productivity & Wellness of workforce

Abdo Magdy, Founder & Chairman, Egypreneur

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Smart Working Solutions

Virtual work could be a savior for your business today, if you need to shift part of your workforce to remote workers, equip your current staff with the right tools for productivity or expand your team with expert virtual staff, Smart Working Solutions offer you

  • Plug & Play Virtual Mtaff Management Dashboard
  • Maximize productivity with time & task reporting
  • Expert advice with on-call vCFO, vCIO and vCPO
  • Pay only for what you use and extend on-demand

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