27 Apr 2020

CrisisComms for CEOs and Executive Leaders in Egypt featuring Omnia Samra

COVID-19 is definitely an unprecedented crisis for many young CEOs and executive leaders in Egypt, figuring out the best way to respond could be a challenge, that’s why I connected with Omnia Samra, Crisis Comms Expert to talk about what Entrepreneurs and Executive Leaders in Egypt should focus on while responding to the crisis.

Step #1: Visibility

Good examples of communication with your employees

Step #2: Speed

Start communicating quickly and own the platform

Step #3: Simplicity

Maintain simplicity in your communications

Step #4: Consistency

Communicate frequently and often

Step #5: Transparency

Maintain transparency with your communications, say I do not know

Step #6: Frontliners

Empower your frontline employees to communicate with confidence

Want to learn more about how to best respond to the COVID-19 Crisis, visit our central CoronaVirus Business Continuity Emergency Response and subscribe to the mailing list to keep yourself updated.

Abdo Magdy

Founder at Egypreneur

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