How Egypt’s top Fisherman re-invented his restaurant business during #COVID19 lockdown, and how you too can re-invent your business
23 May 2020

How Egypt’s top Fisherman re-invented his restaurant business during #COVID19 lockdown, and how you too can re-invent your business

Business was good for Hany Sadekk, 42, who lives in the coastal city of ElGouna, exercising his life-long passion for Fishing and the 8 years during which he competed professionally for fishing titles to snap the Top spots for Egypt’s top fisherman a few times already.

And you know what goes well with making a great sea catch? Yes, eating it or in Hany’s case, cooking it, and serving it. It was a natural evolution for Hany to go into the restaurant business. He enjoyed 20 years of experience in F&B (Food & Beverage) and for the last 7 years, he ran his own restaurants in mostly tourism/coastal destinations.

The CoronaVirus (COVID19) had been unkind to all our fellow Egypreneur(s), but it had been especially brutal with the restaurant business as one of the greatly affected industries. Just like everyone else, Hany had to close down his restaurants and the future was looming for him and the 40 staff members he has.

Hany has taken 5 years to assemble his team and it was an emotional turmoil to consider letting go but the business was brought into a total halt.

The role of solid business mentor shows up at times like these, during one of their sessions Hani W. Naguib, Sadekk’s mentor/advisor shared with him a piece of golden advice that came to re-shape the way he has seen what’s happening and the best way to respond.

“Focus on the value proposition other than the product” Hani W. Naguib, Startup Mentor

Just like the word “Entrepreneur”, Sous Vide is a French word that means “under vacuum” a cooking technique that allows cooking at a uniform temperature by sealing food in a bag and submerging it in a water bath. Thought to be one of the healthiest – and most delicious – cooking technique as ou maintain all the goodies inside the bag.

Hany had been offering Sous Vide options in his restaurants for 2 years and it came as the top value proposition to bring to the market at the time of COVID19, he decided to focus on introducing this technique and own its market in Egypt, that’s where Sous Vide Egypt came from.

It took Hany almost a month to prepare for his new venture with the food components and in just 2 days he was able to launch an E-Commerce store offering 3 seafood options and shipping to both Cairo and ElGouna. Three days old E-commerce store – at the time of writing this – have successfully sent out its second shipment to Cairo out of ElGouna’s kitchen.

Sous Vide had been an undisclosed option in many high-end restaurants for their top clients. Now, Hany thinks its time to take the technique to the consumer through its E-Commerce store and partnership with specialized distribution channels focused on healthy options. It takes 12 minutes to get an off-the-shelf frozen Sous Vide meal ready and considering its health benefits, it could be a good option for many Egyptian families.

For Hany’s 40-strong team, there is a renewed hope to go through the crisis with minimal losses, there are many opportunities and challenges to adapting to the new e-commerce and delivery model and as it is for the entrepreneurs, it’ll be the same for the workers to adapt to the business.

Covid-19 Egypt SME Response

COVID19 could be a terminal crisis for many businesses, but as Marcus Aurelius says its mindset not external events is what you have control over. If you look around you, you will find the resources, the know-how and the support to “take back the driver seat” and proactively respond to events, that’s the hope for entrepreneurs and for the Egyptian economy at large.

Check out Sous Vide Egypt store here with their 3 options currently present. and follow Hany Sadekk on Twitter and Instagram

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