How it works

Once you signup for membership at Egypreneur, your application goes through a simple approval process to make sure you fit the profile expected for the members of the network, once your application is approved, you can proceed with payment using any available options, once confirmed, the process goes as follows:

1. Welcome Package

You receive your welcome package, including a contract, membership services catalog and membership card according the package you have selected. Package is delivered to your registered address and all information is shared via your account dashboard on

2. Consultation Session

Your are invited for a one-on-one consultation session to determine your current challenges and best way in which you can maximize your benefits from your membership at Egypreneur.

4. Service Package

You’l receive custom Service Package, of all services offered by Egypreneur that we expect to help you grow your business in the next year. You are not obligated to use the services

5. Access Platform

You enjoy 24/7 account to your Egypreneur account on where you can use different facilities optimized for your usage. You also receive notification of member updates and planned activities, weekly or daily according to your preference.

6. Club Meetings

Your membership gives you access to a Premium monthly gathering for network members, plus, specialized gatherings for all Groups within the network.