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Shaping the post-COVID19 world...

Coming soon to Dahab's central Lighthouse area...
Dahab Innovation Labs lead by Egypreneur is designed to identify and empower the emerging patterns, solutions and enterprises being built with the post-Covid19 Business space and customer behavior/needs in mind. Headquartered at a beach-front outdoors facility in the heart of Dahab’s Downtown / Lighthouse area. The InnovationLabs is the go to place to enter into flow with the people, ideas, processes and funding designed for the post-Covid19 world.
Designed around the principles of #Stoicism, #Agility and #Innovation that helped sustain and transform businesses through the difficult #Covid19 times; the InnovationLabs is an emerging lighthouse in amplifying these principles, practicies and lifestyle locally, regionally and globally.
Stay tuned to learn more about what the “Dahab InnovationLabs lead by Egypreneur” is offering its beneficiaries and stakeholders both physically (strictly beach-front open areas with social distancing) and virtually.
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What services to expect from Dahab InnovationLabs?


Physical Relocation packages to live & work out of the city of Dahab


Coworking spaces supported by decent working infrastructure


Monthly calendar of events to match and introduce to fellow pros


Business advice on starting and/or scaling your business


Digital Services to empower your business to win during the crisis

What Dahab InnovationLabs offer its members & Dahab community?

Start your healing journey

Rent a Workstation

Rent a Flexi-Desk

Rent a PodCast Setup

Schedule a Consultation

Get membership (year, month, week)

Volunteer or join Associate program

Mentor the next generation of leaders

Submit your request for startup

Pitch your startup for funding & support

We are adding more details here as they emerge, got time, energy and zest for healing, innovation and/or startups and want to engage at this early/messy stage, we are open for everyone, email our founder at: abdo@dahabinnovation.com
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