01 Jun 2013

Meet Flat6labs entrepreneurs Spring 2013

5 days before the demo day, we had the pleasure of interviewing flat6labs spring 2013 entrepreneurs for EgypreneurFM, we met with 5 passionate and determined teams who’re ready to change the status quo. Teams were very busy rehearsing for the demo day and it was like a Beehive in there with lots of ideas, discussions and debates going on. It was such an amazing entrepreneurial environment where we had the chance to sit down with each team for 15 mins to talk about their ideas, their experience at Flat6labs, their future plans and lots of other exciting topics. 


One of the most interesting interviews we did on EgypreneurFM was with Mohamed Omara who’s a mentor at Flat6labs, CEO of Fascila tech and a passionate Egyptian entrepreneur who dreams to make Egypt the Startup nation 2.0 and he also has a very interesting theory based on Physics which states that:

Force= Mass (Startups)  * Acceleration (Accelerators, incubators, Entities supporting entrepreneurs) 

To increase the force, we have to increase mass of startups and also we should guide those startups to focus on core technology in which means that beside building apps for the mobile, we have to make the mobile itself.

In his interview with EgypreneurFM, he talked about his newest baby XoneBee which mimics the Local Area Network (LAN) concept from a computer field into the mobile communications field, you can listen to the full interview from here:

Mohamed Omara, CEO of XoneBee

We also got to interview the team behind Coterique which is an e-commerce platform for all offline high-end fashion boutiques, in this interview you’ll sense the amount of passion they have for their business which made 2 of the Co-founders at Coterique quit their jobs at big multinational corporates to start their own business.

How was the team formed, is another exciting story. Listen to the full interview with Coterique here:

Coterique interview with EgypreneurFM

Up to this point, we were fascinated with the diversity and innovation of the startups incubated at Spring 2013 cycle and that gave us a huge energy boost to keep highlighting those bright Egyptian entrepreneurs who’ll change Egypt to a better place in a very few years and then we got to talk with Solarist, who faced lots of challenges to get their graduation project to light and then turn it into a business.

Solarist presents innovative solar powered solutions that solve environmental problems like water scarcity and you can listen to their full interview with EgypreneurFM here:

Solarist interview

If you still can’t see the amazing future of Egypt these entrepreneurs are creating, then you have to listen to the next interview with Simplex, which offers simple industrial solutions, starting off with a customizable CNC machine. I’m not going to talk much about this inspiring team, I’ll leave you to listen to the full interview here:

Simplex interview

For the next interview, I want you to remain sane because let’s imagine working for Amazon for a second, just close your eyes and imagine that you’re working for one of the best companies in the whole world and definitely everything is just awesome with you, Now Is there anyone in his right mind quits his job at Amazon to build his own business? It turns out that there isn’t just one, there are 2!

Here’s the story of 2 entrepreneurs who quit their jobs at Amazon and joined Mohamed El Zohairy to build Cloudpress which is a  marketing platform that enables brands to create, launch, and track interactive, magazine-style campaigns online.

This interview is dedicated to those who are reluctant, hesitating and fearful want to be entrepreneurs out there, we bring to them a story of how 2 entrepreneurs quit their full time jobs at Amazon, listen to the full interview here:

Cloudpress interview

Now, let’s hear from Nour, Flat6labs communications officer talking about this cycle, future plans and other exciting projects, listen to the full interview here:

Nour, Flat6labs Communications Officer

We hope that you enjoy these interviews as much as we did and we’ll see you soon in other EgypreneurFM interviews believing that such interviews with Egypt’s most brilliant minds can make you one step closer to pursuing your dream, right?


Sherif Ahmed

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