26 Jun 2017

Participate in the Factors Affecting SME Growth in Egypt Research and claim your 10% discount on Egypreneur services during July

Insights are essential for any business and Quantitative Research, usually conducted through digital questionnaires is one of the most helpful instruments to further understand the state of SMEs in Egypt and accordingly how we can better serve them individually and influence an environment that’s more supportive towards them.

At Egypreneur, we had been receiving consistent requests from researchers who want to access our  network of entrepreneurs and small business owners to conduct academic research, we were able to support some projects “here” and “there” with available capacities and understanding the need, benefits and win-win situation, was glad to recently formalized an engagement program with Egypreneur Insights, academic research support service.

Heba Gamal ElDin is an MBA Candidate at The German University in Egypt, as part of her research is finding out the factoring affecting SME growth in Egypt, a research project that will help all concerned parties, including Egypreneur, discover helpful insights of what matters and what doesn’t matter when it comes to SME growth in Egypt.

While answering Questionnaires might not be the most interesting task for a business owner, yet this questionnaire which will take you less than 10 minutes to complete can shift your attention towards factors you haven’t considered, besides we’ll be offering you a 10% discount voucher on Egypreneur On Demand Services during July 2017.

Take the questionnaire below:


Abdo Magdy

Founder at Egypreneur

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