Please, don’t die with your music still in you. Join us Dec 31 at El-Sakia!
20 Dec 2013

Please, don’t die with your music still in you. Join us Dec 31 at El-Sakia!


I randomly stumbled upon this scene from my favorite movie The Shift: from ambition to meaning, finding your life’s purpose by Dr. Wayne Dyer

I stopped a bit by the time he said “Please, don’t die with your music still in you” and found it not only deep but it got me thinking: Isn’t that what this whole entrepreneurship thing is about?

Composing beautiful creations to enhance people’s lives, to make progress, create value and wealth for you and others, by then the act of entrepreneurship and starting things is nothing more than trying to actualize what you have within you and bring it to the world, living meaningfully and leaving a legacy.

Starting 2007 I started using Clear Mind ~ Bright Future exercise from Learning Strategies to extract my own personal goals for the new year in a single A4 paper. Starting 2011 I thought to share this exercise with a great company and we had the #JanSat1 event at January 1st, 2011, beside extracting our goals into a single A4 papers to leave in our back pockets throughout the year, we also got introduced to our 2011 success partners, worked on our business models .etc We even got a video up from this gathering.

We also got some really fabulous feedback from attendees, it sounded like an interesting experience for the 20-30 participants who joined us back then.


But, How do you find out what your music is?

How do you know that this particular thing is what you’re meant to do, why do you choose this idea to pursue other than the other one. That’s your hedgehog concept, the intersection between what you’re most passionate about, what you’re best at and what you can make money doing.

December 31st whether you have a business idea or not, we are going to sit together in circles, led by trained facilitators and find our hedgehog concept and even more, we are going to share it and find those among the 200 attendees can help achieve our dreams in 2014 in an exciting speed networking experience.

The reason why we are putting together this event is the same reason why we are fine with all the troubles that we faced in the last 5.5 years running Egypreneur, the essence and the core of all what we do is that we want to empower Egyptian youth to live a meaningful and impactful life, to find and focus on their hedgehog concept and achieve their goals while helping to build their country as they all dream of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you know that you’ll become the books you read and the people you hang out yet? The best beginning of 2014 that I can think of is to join the Egypreneur tribe and register yourself for: Achieving your 2013 from here:


And let me ask you for a favor in 2014, don’t make it pass just like any other year, discover why you’re here and share, talk, fight until you know how to compose your beautiful music and spread it.

And please,

Please, don’t die with your music, still in you!

Abdo Magdy

Founder at Egypreneur