Smart Work Program

10,000 EGP


If you are a CEO, CIO (Chief Information / IT / Technology officer) or Chief People Officer (HR) of a company of 5+ employees, now you can extend your capacity to manage remote workers effectively through subscribing to Egypreneur’s Smart Work Program.

On an on-demand, pay-as-you-go basis, you can empower your employees with the collaboration, digital productivity tools and virtual coaching they need to go through the lockdown and comeback stronger with more efficient work habits.

Start your pilot project by onboarding your first 5-12 employees into our platform and decide to upgrade when you are comfortable to commit.

Smart Work Program Benefits

Focus: on your core activities minus remote work

Now is not the best time to be distracted by how online productivity works, let us handle the onboarding and management of your team and focus on leading your business during critical times.

Unite: bring everyone together to the same environment

Demonstrate your leadership by bringing everyone together during critical times, earning their trust, confidence and commitment to the mission of your business.

Simplify: All-in-One Platform, no distractions

Do your employees have to shift between Emails, ERP, CRM and others platforms to produce work? We will link all the tools your team need to produce work together so they don’t waste time on tech errors.

Clarify: Personalized dashboard for every employ

Did it become difficult for you, your managers and your employees to maintain clarity on what they need to focus on. Now, with a personalized dashboard for every employee, they can clearly see what they are expected to achieve.

Measure: Virtual clock-in and clock-out and reporting

Track the pulse of your company, teams, unites by gathering information of completion of tasks, time spent, clock-in, clock-out times and more, optimizing performance, productivity and wellbeing.

Detect: Get immediate notification when something is not right

By constantly measuring individual and team productivity, you’ll get immediate notifications when a team pulse falls behind and you’ll be able to take the corrective action on time to get thing back on track.

Automate: Start automating tasks that supports your workflow

Now as you have many digitized reports and workflows in your work environment, you’ll be easily able to automate repetitive and time-consulting tasks and activities within the virtual work environment

Adapt: Build positive habits during the lockdown

Enjoy a positive transformation in productivity and wellbeing even after the lockdown is over by instilling the efficiency habits leading to productivity, transparency and wellbeing.

Sustain: Maintain the benefits after going back to your offices

Experience accumulated know-how within your business through tracking the completion of tasks, best practices and continue building on it after the lockdown.

How it works?

We can get you started in maintaining productivity and wellbeing of your employees through Egypreneur’s Smart Work Program by following the 6 steps below:

First: Assessment

We will assess your existing workflow, organizational structure and expectations of your employees and managers to factor this in designing your virtual workplace.

Second: Customization

We will customize the online workplace based on the findings of the assessment and your direct feedback to make sure it includes all and only the features that achieves your goals.

Third: Onboarding

We onboard your employees with training, coaching and remote support to make sure all team members are on the capable of using the tools they need to use.

Fourth: Engagement

We proactively support your HR department in engaging your onboarded employees with the virtual work environment through content, activities and branded gamification.


Fifth: Weekly Reports

We email you and your managers extracted weekly reports of the performance, productivity and wellbeing of your employees, departments and business units.

Sixth: On-call Virtual Coaching

We make ourselves available for Virtual Coaching calls to support you and your employees with productivity and wellbeing advice.

Add-on Services

Egypreneur Partners Network offers a number of discounted services that supports and compliments your new Virtual Work environment including:

  • Personal Concierge Services for Top Employees
  • Expert Health Insurance and Support
  • Document Printing and Delivery
  • Specialized Legal, HR and Crisis Comms Support

Get started by requesting a callback through the form at: or email for support


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