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Focusing more on growing your business and avoiding spending time on repetitive, administrative tasks, is key to your business success, while in-house employee productivity is one of the hurdles affecting business growth, a well-trained virtual assistant/secretary might exactly what you need

What our virtual secretary can do for you

  1. Managing your email

Accessing your business Email, a virtual secretary can help categorize Emails and update you with important highlights, she can also prepare canned responses to be sent in various situations and act on channeling activities accordingly.

  1. Updating your website & documents

If your business relies on a website or documents to be sent over Email, a virtual secretary can help update the content of your website regularly and also update existing documents with new content as instructed (e.g. updating offers and proposals).

  1. Answering your phone

If you receive a high volume of phone calls that doesn’t require your personal attention, a virtual secretary can help receive your business phone calls and brief you on important ones, important calls can also be redirected to your cell phone.

  1. Extensive Internet Research

As a business owner, you need to find the right information in a timely manner and also you need to collect and organize information for your projects. A virtual secretary can help conduct extensive internet research and provide you with detailed output.

  1. Managing your Social Media accounts

If you have to use Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site, it’s important to keep it updated and answer communication rapidly. A virtual secretary can help you keep your online presence updated and interaction on your pages dynamic.

  1. Managing your agenda

As it consumes time and focus to set and confirm your appointments, meetings and travels. A virtual secretary can help you increase your efficiency and save time by scheduling, editing and confirming appointments in your agenda.

  1. Booking your travel / logistics

If you are a regular traveler, you need a firm follow-up on visa issuing time and a confirmation on hotels, plane ticket booking. A virtual secretary can help you plan and book your travel arrangement properly and provide you with support while away from home.

  1. Keeping your books

Keeping track of your business income and expenses can be challenging, a virtual secretary can update your accounting books and setup reminders for your bills and payment dates, in some cases can also help you complete payments online.

  1. More personalized services

If you have specific business needs not listed above, our virtual secretaries can help you design a communication process through which tasks can be accomplished.

Benefits of using a virtual secretary

  1. Focus on what matters more

By using a virtual secretary to spare your time to the more important business tasks and decisions, you allow yourself to focus more on more important tasks.

  1. No Employee expenses

You don’t need to interview, set up office and pay all usual expenses for in-office employees, you receive more benefits while bearing less expenses.

  1. No switching cost

If you decide that your virtual secretary is a mismatch to your needs, there is no cost to switch to another virtual secretary available to your service.

  1. No absence time

You don’t suffer absence time from your virtual secretary, all your account details are managed and documented and another virtual secretary will temporarily handle your account.

  1. Highest productivity possible

By using a virtual secretary, you increase productivity to the highest possible level, compared to regular employee productivity, a virtual secretary uses in-duty times fulfilling your tasks.

  1. Fully documented tasks

We provide you with access to an online system where you can set and track tasks and manage your chat and interaction history.

  1. Varied communication methods

A virtual secretary can communicate with you using the most suitable communication tools, from Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber or our secretary management system.

  1. Convenient Pay-as-you-go Packages

You can book the package most suitable to you, with the amount of time and help you need each month, and we will only charge you for the package you choose to use.


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