The SalesTurbo approach includes the following steps:

1. Discovery: Sales Data Analysis to define attributes of leads with highest closing potential and offerings with the highest utilization sales rate
2. Prospecting: Define buyers personas and purchase cycle analysis based on analyzed data, defining who to target, with what offer, when, where to find them
3. Messaging: Drafting dynamic sales copy for each buyer persona, planning the best channels for the copy to be communicated: digital, social media, emails, outbound calls, respond to inbound calls
4. Activation: Sales Acceleration Campaign is activated, leads are identified and channeled through the pre-designed contact points, interest is gauged from digital behavior, outbound calls and added to the CRM
5. CRM Leads Forwarding: Upon crossing a specific “Interest Score”, qualified leads are forwarded to Eastmar Group’s In-office Sales Staff for closing, the process is updated based on feedback


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