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Original price was: EGP10,000.00.Current price is: EGP8,000.00.

Marketing Automation System Installation & Setup to help you generate and capture new leads online and convert these marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads through advanced segmentations and Nurturing Content/Drip Campaigns


Capturing and nurturing leads generated through your digital channels leading to increased sales from online activities is the challenge of every online business / marketer. The process requires attention to the specific needs and interaction of each individual customer and consistent communication with them.

Marketing Automation System Installation & Setup Service from Egypreneur maximizes the acquisition of leads through digital activities and the conversion of these leads into sales qualified leads through Proper Segmentation and Automated Communication with each customer profile.

Marketing Automation System will conduct full integration with existing ERP/CRM system allowing import and export of contacts and notifying the sales team automatically of qualified leads generated.

Marketing Automation system will allow you to:

  1. Automated Segmentation of Leads per Service, Company Size .etc
  2. Acquisition of both Consumer and Corporate Accounts (B2C and B2B)
  3. Pre-designed communications triggered automatically upon any online activity
  4. Consistent communication with existing leads generated through digital marketing activities or the call center
  5. Conducting special campaigns based on the behavior on the system
  6. Expand the communication channels with customers to include Email, SMS and Social Media
  7. Designing new marketing campaigns to feed the pipelines of specific new launched or highlighted services, upselling and cross-selling existing customers

How it works

Here is the simple process we follow to deploy this service

  1. Determine your most important 3 segments of customers
  2. Determine the most suitable content / promotions for each segment
  3. Deploy Marketing Automation system on your current or new hosting server
  4. Importing your existing contacts / customers to the marketing automation system
  5. Create up to 3 Lead Capture forms and deploy them on your website pages
  6. Create up to 3 Campaigns to be triggered once leads express interest
  7. Customizing HTML/CSS Email template to your brand requirements
  8. Writing copy of up to 3 Emails 150-200 words each


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