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Startup Business Circles Kick-started at Egypreneur Club

Entrepreneurship and rigidity are two aspects that rarely ever share the same grounds. Sadly, as many entrepreneurs venture into the field, they are greeted by the rigid shackles created by the government and well established businesses. Alone, it becomes almost impossible to tear down the walls of bureaucracy; but together, entrepreneurs can shift the status quo one step at a time.

Among the pillars upon which Egypreneur stands is creating a nationwide network of Egyptian entrepreneurs who can, together, create a better entrepreneurial reality where they can reach and surpass their full potential.  This network has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is our Downtown Egypreneur club.

In an emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem where sector specific support is not quite available, one’s pursuit for a suitable peer network may become overwhelming. That’s why we invite entrepreneurs from the different economic sectors to sit together and discuss the obstacles that keep them and their ideas from flourishing. In the process, they start unlocking one challenge at a time in order to break down the rigidity of their markets and sectors through a series of entrepreneurial whims.

What we have been witnessing during the active Business Circles at our club, varying between Tourism, Fashion, Pharmaceutical, Digital Publishing, Apps, and Training & Talent Development, is nothing less than inspirational. It shows how entrepreneurs, different or similar, gather under a unified cause to pick some brains and make things better.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who has aspirations to shake the rust off your market; if you’re an entrepreneur who believes his/her idea may very well be the next trend in the field; and if you wish to explore how other minds are struggling within the same arena, you can follow our scheduled Business Circles at

For further inquiries, please email us to, or tweet your question @Egypreneur.

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We are all Egypreneur(s)!

The best things about Egypreneur Crew is that entrepreneurial spirit you can sense in every single crew member. Every crew member either already had been running a business for a while or working on starting one, that’s why Egypreneur doesn’t feel like work to us it’s our passion and what we need as entrepreneurs to keep moving forward.

That gives us the opportunity to deeply understand entrepreneurs needs and obstacles they (we) face. Actually we’re very fortunate to interact with Egyptian entrepreneurs on a daily basis in the projects we execute or the events we sponsor. The best feeling ever is when we get to help an entrepreneur or give his project a needed push.

For me being the Co-Founder of 7elme a startup creating the perfect environment for dreamers and achievers to share, talk about and push their dreams forward while enjoying bringing them to reality, I can reflect my experience as an entrepreneur to my work with Egypreneur.

Through we believe that all ambitious people can be connected together and work on their dreams, also when a group of people share one dream, they need a tool to help them organize their thoughts and ideas to combine their efforts in a better way. All of that will certainly lead to increasing success stories in the community and that’s what we all aspire to.

I am a huge believer in entrepreneurship and as a Marketing Executive at Egypreneur, my role is to spread entrepreneurship spirit in Egypt. In Egypreneur we look to it from 2 angles, the ecosystem development and grassroots promotion:

First, thinking that the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt is lacking an organized structure and practical approach to encourage, support and sustain entrepreneurs’ work; through Egypreneur we’re establishing that organized structure. Activities like entrepreneurship booth during Cairo ICT and the Cairo Traffic (Za7ma) project and the “entrepreneurs support center” we’re working on is a good example of how we’re tackling this.

Secondly is promoting entrepreneurship to grassroots, that can be seen in some of our activities like our booth during ESEA Job Fair showing Computer Science fresh graduates that if you didn’t find any company you like at the fair then maybe building your own business is what you need to be doing.

Also I am sure you’ll be hearing more and more about the great work S3Geeks are doing to develop Upper Egypt and similar activities will be rolled out soon.

Here at Egypreneur, our ultimate objective is to evolve Egypt into a startup nation, being a group of entrepreneurs ourselves gives us the passion, drive and perseverance and of course we can’t do it without regular interactions with such an vibrant community of Egypeneur(s).

Sherif Ahmed

Sherif Ahmed

Marketing Executive

Sherif is a firm executive and smart marketer, he’s one of the main driving engines of Egypreneur, currently leading its marketing activities and managing our #CairoTraffic project.