Beautician Reham Gehad transitions into the natural “Wala Haga” lifestyle at the Coastal City of Dahab

Nature always wins, not only in the world of ecology, but it also seems to eventually win in the world of people and their psyche.

Covid19 and the new emerging Remote Work movement might have offered us one thing, moving away from “Artificial Lifestyle” into a “Natural Lifestyle” and finding beauty in this transition, who would be a better expert at that other than someone who had “beauty” as a lifelong passion and career?

Beautician Reham Gehad had been my first guest in a series of interviews about Remote Work out of the beautiful coastal city of Dahab in Egypt’s magical Sinai Penninsula.

View from the coastal city of Dahab

Face-to-face and – if we may say – “hand-to-face” daily with people seeking change, choosing the natural way is a big testimony of our new world.

Reham is an internationally trained beautician and cosmetics expert with a successful track record, which includes running a growing beauty shop and doing makeup for TV Shows like “Torab El Mass” and more, she has many opportunities in Cairo, but her journey brought her here, to Dahab.

Reham’s decision to transition into Remote Work at the coastal city of Dahab had been inspired by something deeper than the Covid19 crisis, she already moved to Dahab a few months before Covid19 surfaces, her decision was only solidified with the following shutdown.

There is much controversy around the “beauty and make-up” industry, classic arguments of “before/after” photos where someone is artificially transitioned into a new self, and accusations of manipulation and deception are up-in-the-air.

Reham revolted against that as she also revolts against the crowded, noisy, and competitive lifestyle the city offered.

Be Nice or Go Away

Reham’s decision to settle in Dahab was part of a larger evolution into natural beauty and lifestyle. Quiet, peaceful, worry-free, or what local Bedouins here in Dahab call “Wala Haga” translated as “No worry”.

Once you express a glimpse of worry and/or concern around one of Dahab’s Bedouins, they often respond by repeating the word and adding the expression of “Wala Haga” by the end of the sentence. The response to a statement like: “I was thinking we might need to do such and such.” would be”such and such, Wala Haga.”

Reham Gehad at a no worries state overlooking Magic Lake in Dahab

No worries.

Over the years, Reham developed a preference for natural beauty products other than chemically produced ones, her videos transitioned from using branded out of the shelf products into “Home Made” beauty products, she says the change to natural was initiated as of her own need to leave the world of “artificial beauty”, “image” and “social status” into a world of “natural beauty”.

“We are born complete with natural beauty, it takes effort to accept our uniqueness, learning how to resort to nature to complement our beauty other than resort to chemicals to hide behind an artificial face is what we all should aim at.”

When we first met in Dahab when I still had the remains of the city’s rushing lifestyle, Reham recommended for me to read “The Power of Now by Eckard Tolle”, as an Audible user, I secured the audiobook, by the next time we met and discussed the book, I offered her a listen to the audio version, to funnily discover that I had the playback speed adjusted to 1.8X normal speed, the author’s voice was so soft and I wanted to accelerate the chi-chat and get into the core content, she laughed at the fact that the whole idea from the book is about “Slowing Down” and living in the moment.

Reham Gehad and her dog Cezar enjoying the tranquility of the sea

In the Flow Living” among a community of likeminded people seemed to be the reason why Reham has gravitated towards Dahab. When she decided to transition into remote work, mentioning that her Egyptian passport allows her living in other places other than “Cairo” which she seemed to be breaking up with, Reham tried El Gouna, a beautiful coastal city as well, though presenting an opportunity for more of a lifestyle of luxury.

Reham’s first trip to Dahab did not go well, she was not impressed as she finds discomfort in the place she has chosen to stay and lack of organization, it took more experience to explore more of the quieter side of town at Assala to find the peace, tranquility, and connectedness to nature she was aiming at.

When connected to nature, people desire less, they need less and lose the tendency to compare with others. Closing her Beauty Salon in Cairo, Reham is a now content creator with a network of fans that makes it easy for her to get and keep sponsored shows and uses her fine arts background in pursuing design and artwork that she either sells or offers it as a service to her growing clientele.

You can connect with Reham over her Instagram page or ask her questions on her Facebook community.