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Startup Business Circles Kick-started at Egypreneur Club

Entrepreneurship and rigidity are two aspects that rarely ever share the same grounds. Sadly, as many entrepreneurs venture into the field, they are greeted by the rigid shackles created by the government and well established businesses. Alone, it becomes almost impossible to tear down the walls of bureaucracy; but together, entrepreneurs can shift the status quo one step at a time.

Among the pillars upon which Egypreneur stands is creating a nationwide network of Egyptian entrepreneurs who can, together, create a better entrepreneurial reality where they can reach and surpass their full potential.  This network has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is our Downtown Egypreneur club.

In an emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem where sector specific support is not quite available, one’s pursuit for a suitable peer network may become overwhelming. That’s why we invite entrepreneurs from the different economic sectors to sit together and discuss the obstacles that keep them and their ideas from flourishing. In the process, they start unlocking one challenge at a time in order to break down the rigidity of their markets and sectors through a series of entrepreneurial whims.

What we have been witnessing during the active Business Circles at our club, varying between Tourism, Fashion, Pharmaceutical, Digital Publishing, Apps, and Training & Talent Development, is nothing less than inspirational. It shows how entrepreneurs, different or similar, gather under a unified cause to pick some brains and make things better.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who has aspirations to shake the rust off your market; if you’re an entrepreneur who believes his/her idea may very well be the next trend in the field; and if you wish to explore how other minds are struggling within the same arena, you can follow our scheduled Business Circles at

For further inquiries, please email us to, or tweet your question @Egypreneur.

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Tourism Business Circle kick-started at Egypreneur Club

Egypt has established a worldwide brand for being a touristic destination, and tourists are interested in its rich culture and sceneries. However, the political instability is the main off-putting factors when they decide to travel to Egypt.

The question whether the Tourism industry in Egypt is recovering soon or the whole sector will continue going down the drains.

An answer to that might be

In a fabulous evening and with one of its first activities Egypreneur Club in Talaat Harb, hosted the Tourism Business Circle featuring a fabulous group of entrepreneurs and domain experts including Mr. Tarek Maher, Business Development Manager at Travelport for MENA region, Ehab Malek of, Mohamed El Fouli of, Morkos Ishak of and Ahmed Abdel Fatah of and Mona Shokrof, Software developer interested in the sector.

As an industry outsider, I had one of the most efficient crash courses. The business circle witnessed the formation of the Tourpreneur business circle, an industry specific groups for entrepreneurs Egypreneur stated building in different sectors and intending to scale it as a part of its Membership offering.

Our discussion was based on the travelling circle: being inspired, making decisions, and planning their trips, reservations, experience and sharing.

As tourism entrepreneurs, we can engage in the inspiring and sharing process. We also found that videos are 85% more inspiring than pictures and descriptions.

The factors that influence the decision process are the

  • Pains
  • Needs
  • Social
  • Seasons,
  • Words of mouth,
  • Desire of different experience.

We will discuss further whether to corporate free Internet and free water into the travelling package.