The power of a “Personal Vision” for Leadership!

As he sat down with his coach at a career coaching session the corporate he just joined provides, he told his coach that he sees himself as the General Manager in 15 years, the coach requested a logical path for this to be the result and he was told it’s just what it is, a personal vision.

It was only after 7 years, Ehab Eshak was named the youngest corporate leader globally at Grundfos, at 39 of age, he is in charge of the company’s operation in Egypt and a few other countries.

How was he able to make the shift from the narrow and deep specialized sales engineer type into the responsibilities of a corporate leader in such a short span of time and what lessons and stories he might share with entrepreneurs about “setting up” and “Growing into your personal vision”.

That was the purpose of my initial interview with Ehab Eshak, General Manager of Grundfos Egypt and one of the first 100 members of Egypreneur.

What’s too apparent is that “Personal Vision” is the driver for all changes and it seems to be – beside relentless acquisition of knowledge and experience – the best instrument in the challenge of “Growing into the CEO position” most startup founders face.

You’ll learn more about these 7 years in which Ehab led himself to grow into the position of a corporate leader and what lessons young entrepreneurs and aspiring startup CEOs can learn from, at Egypreneur’s Survival Guide.

If you think you have a story to share with entrepreneurs and young CEOs, shoot me an email and let’s talk. I love listening to these stories and featuring them on my upcoming book.

P.S. This transition from the narrow and deep to a position of leadership will be shared at the “You come first!” section at Egypreneur’s Survival Guide.

By Abdo Magdy

Founder & Storyteller at Egypreneur

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