Service Entrepreneur

Are you a corpreneur? Or an intrapreneur? If you have self-identified with one or more of these terms, then chances are that you’re quite the enterprising individual. Quick on your feet, always ready to seize the next opportunity. You possess all the qualities of a traditional entrepreneur, but prefer to tackle it all from within a large organizational setting.

You are probably very good at what you, are quite passionate about it, and see yourself operating from a senior/managerial position five years down the line. You are keen on meeting new people, networking, establishing connections, attending events, and shining in your line of work.

If you feel like we have been able to describe you quite well, then we are here to tell you that we have quite a few resources that can help as you pursue bigger goals.

Already deemed a hero by all those you work with, you are a natural over-achiever, but even over-achievers need resources that they can learn from, a place to network with like-minded individuals, and expert professionals that can help address some of the concerns or challenges that they may be having at work. At Egypreneur, we can help with all of the above.