Social Entrepreneur

How many of us know socpreneurs or social entrepreneurs that we are completely blow away by? These are the people that believe in a cause so passionately that they’re able to turn dust into gold just to make it happen. You can make anything blossom by the sheer power of your belief in a specific idea.

You are driven by morals, values, and a desire to see the world as a better place. You have a hell-bent conviction in what you do, don’t flinch when the bottom line is met, and have the patience to persevere during the darkest of hours because you know that one day your idea will see the light.

What makes socpreneurs stand out is that their ideas are so revolutionary, yet they’re so simple at their core. Obsessed with a social problem that you’re trying to solve, you are very keen on giving back to the community. You are concerned by issues such as poverty, gender rights, education, social mobility, and equality. Your idea most probably resolves around one of those themes.

At Egypreneur, we can help you throughout every step of the process. Whether you’re writing your first proposal, building a shelter for young girls, or have a revolutionary idea that addresses greenhouse gas emissions – we can help.

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