YOUTH CAN MAKE IT الريادي مصطفي النادي

mostafa el nady


I had the opportunity to join one of the leading universities in Egypt and the oldest university in the world, Al Azhar University. I didn’t realise the magnitude of such an opportunity until I joined a student club of talented young youth called Spread Your Skills. Soon enough we became the largest student activity in the whole university. Our goal is to provide the student with knowledge needed for the job market and also create a society based on education and cultural awareness.

When I joined Al Azhar university I was an ordinary student but after joining SYS I realised that the pursuit of happiness lies upon the service of others. In SYS I learnt that every person has a great precious talent and he/she can unleash this talent only by sharing it with others. It is not important what you gain, the most important is what you give, because what you gain depends upon what you give.

I joined SYS in June 2012, and now I am one of the key players in the team, and now I am the program director of “Speak UP” one of the most influential projects at the whole university. We train 105 students, 7 classes, on how to use the soft skills in conversational English. We have created our own materials and spent 2 months practicing on how to deliver this materials to the students in a new creative way. Finally, we get to a new creative training, delivered by students to students.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in contact with one of the greatest NGOs in Egypt, AYB SD. AYB is a sustainable development organisation. The abstract idea of SD is not familiar to the Egyptian mind, but I liked the idea and I liked the work with AYB. Thus, I have initiated a student club at my university, franchising form this NGO. I am currently the president of AYB-Al Azhar University student club, a team of 54 members. We work in a poor-marginalised district in Cairo called “Al Dowika” and our vision is to break the chain of poverty. We do so by 3 main dimensions: Trainings_ Employment _ Loans We train people, initiate illiteracy campaigns, craftsmanship and cultural awareness. Then we provide them with a source of money that support them financially, employment. Third, we provide some of them with loans that can help them start their own small and micro projects.

Currently I am in contact with an organisation called Debate Egypt which instruct the youth with the basics and ethics of debates. Debate Egypt has a student club in most of the Egyptian universities and it organises annual competition between them in order to boost the cultural understanding of debates. We are now establishing our own student club at Al Azhar University.

I first heard about Reyady Student Leader through their Facebook page, I found it a new experience, and I am always seeking new experiences. But when I joined them, I found an amazing wonderful people who  believe the role of youth is the most influential factor for the development of nations. For we work hard with no holds barred, no rotten routine and with great enthusiasm. In Reyady, people think different, act professional and develop creatively. Entrepreneurs are the future of Egypt I believe in entrepreneurship, I believe that one person can make a difference and I am working to be that person.

Mustafa Elnady,

Young Entrepreneur.

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By Abdo Magdy

Founder & Storyteller at Egypreneur

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