The Egypreneur Manifesto

10+ year long worth of business experience
From 100+ top entrepreneurs in Egypt
published in one book.

In an effort to spread knowledge and skills required to start and grow your own business, Egypreneur is launching its first publication Egypreneur’s Growth Manifesto, authored by its long term CEO and Founder, Abdelrahman Magdy.

In order to curate real-life stories from top entrepreneurs in Egypt we are conducting interviews, focus groups and workshops, feel free to engage with the project in the capacity that works best for you:

Preface by the Author

10+ year long worth of business experience
From 100+ top entrepreneurs in Egypt
published in one book.

Just like you, venturing into building my own business at the age of 19, after a failed attempt at 17, I had so little business knowledge to rely on; I knew that I shouldn’t rely on experimental knowledge only, so I ventured into various learning materials as the needs brought me.

I have collected, digested and relied on an extensive library of over 70 books exclusively for entrepreneurship, business strategy, management, marketing and various business disciplines and I have extended it with various online materials, courses and MOOCs, currently listed at

In 2012, as I decide to grow into the role of the long term CEO of the company I started, I decided to solidify and build up my executive capacity , I wanted to digest everything that I learnt and put together a structure to my business knowledge, so I created “The Executive Development Program” to approach the next phase of my entrepreneurial journey.

I shared the program with my team who mostly found the practical knowledge and digested experience very effective, as it launches as a training product in the few rounds conducted, the need for sharing this knowledge on a wider scope started to become more apparent.

As my journey in business approaches its 10 years mark, I thought of putting together this knowledge in a structured and beneficial form for others and basic principles of what I think is the most necessary skills and knowledge needed for anyone who is starting an entrepreneurial journey.

Then I thought that would be very limiting with one-man’s vision of how should it go, there are so many members at Egypreneur who are way better than myself at each and every part I’m tackling in this book, so I decided to take the structure and outlines I have put together and interview 100+ Egyptian entrepreneurs to bring the real stories and anecdotes that would make it easier for anyone to digest these business lessons.

I believe for young generation getting in business conceiving a large number of sophisticated principles can be very tough and would take an exaggeratedly long time, the purpose of this book is to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge about being your own boss , starting and scaling companies in any economic sector, this growth guide should be your compass throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

As this book is also available in English, I hope it’ll be shedding the lights of the entrepreneurial experiments by Egyptian entrepreneurs to the rest of the world and use the same language of business to position Cairo on the map of global business activity.


Contents of Egypreneur’s Growth Manifesto is assembled from properly digested and tested materials with practical try and error shared by real entrepreneurs and quality professionals

You come first!

Starting a business is often about you more than the business itself. This section is designed to guide you to effectively preparing yourself emotionally and physically to the hassle of running a business and start working on the right life-style and executive skills necessary.

  • Fitness & Lifestyle
  • Time Management
  • Personal Branding
  • Personal Finance

Running a business!

The ability to generate cash for your start-up is very essential to your growth in the business world. This part is about generating sales. In addition to marketing and branding your company and products while giving the necessary focus to operational excellence.

  • Sales
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Management Skills
  • Operational Excellence

Think Strategy!

Having an eagle-eye view of the problem you are tackling is a key characteristic for the leadership of any organization! This section shifts your paradigm beyond the “operations” required for running a business into developing a scalable strategic approach in everything you do.

  • Foundation of Business
  • Strategic Planning
  • Finding your X Factor
  • Resource Allocation

People matters!

As a CEO you’re dealing with people all the time. Developing a charismatic way of handling people is very crucial to your business. This is about leadership development and sustaining relationships with your stakeholders for sustainability.

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Communication Tools
  • Sustainability

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Specialized focus groups are hosted at Al Sorat Farm every Saturday to discuss one of the book’s four sections below, authors, experts and specialized professionals are welcome to join at any of these dates after signing up.

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