Create your online business from scratch

Want to open a new stream of income? Replace your current job? Or exceed the revenues of your current business?
Do you have a lot of great ideas and afraid of complicated steps to start a business online?
This practical workshop is designed to help you understand and implement the necessary steps you need to build your online business.

Workshop Content

The workshop will go through the following steps to help you kick-start your internet business.

1. Define the market need / pain points
2. Define your offering / product / solution
3. Designing your busines model
4. Write winning sales copy
5. Build an awesome website
6. Drive traffic and engagement (SEO, Social Media, PR)
7. Optimize your sales funnel (Conversion Tracking)
8. Automate your business

Who should attend?

* Individual Business Owners (Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers)
* SME Owners seeking to expand online
* Corporate Employees seeking to establish another income stream through an internet business