Egypreneur Advisory

Egypreneur Advisory Services covers a wide scope of consulting support activities, as a business network, Egypreneur’s access to success and failure stories is the greatest asset for our advisory services providing a superior ability to recognize patterns of success and failure, below are some of our most frequently requested areas of consulting:

New Business Setup

If you are starting a new business, we are glad to offer you a full package of advisory services, to verify the business opportunity and optimize your approach while capturing the market opportunity. New Business Setup services includes:
 Feasibility Study
 Business Plan
 Corporate Strategy
 Marketing Strategy


Small Business Innovation for Growth

Do you have a small business and want it to grow?
Whether your business existed for decades or just marked its first year, we use top-notch design thinking and business innovation techniques to find ways for your business to continue its growth curve and become a main player in its industry
 Product Innovation
 Business Model Innovation
 Growth Economics
 Management Restructuring


Access to Markets

If you are seeking to take your business globally, we provide you with access to a network of trade
and investment institutions, market research capacity and intelligent marketing plans to take your
business to new markets.
Our global marketing experts can help you:
 Conduct extensive market research in potential markets
 Design and execute pilot programs to test the market
 Design a complete go-to-market strategy
 Using digital technology to maximize efficiency and ROI


Access to Capital

Whether you are financing a new business, tabbing into market opportunities or taking your business globally, we can find the right financial partners for you and support your business during the process of raising finance for your next move.
Some of the typical stages we work with are:
 Raising funding for a new business
 Restructuring a sole proprietorship into a corporation
 Securing Trade Finance Partners
 Finance for New Market Introduction


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