Egypreneur Academy

Egypreneur Academy provides premium learning experience for entrepreneurs and executives in key topics using modern learning formats and techniques, explore some of the topics and learning methods we use at Egypreneur Academy

Learning Formats

Classroom Workshops

Workshops delivered in a classroom-like setup with attendees of less than 15 participants

Retreat Workshops

Out-Of-Office Workshop experience delivered in an outdoor location with attendees less than 15 participants

Online Masterclass

Online Masterclasses provides a convenient in-depth format to learning and utilizing the materials provided

Live Events

Providing audiences of more than 20 participants with collaborative learning experiences through live events

Tracks Offered

Become a CEO

Build your arsenal of core CEO skills with this program (formerly: The Executive Development Workshop)

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How to raise funds for your business?

Step-by-step guide on raising the next round of funding for your business

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Geek to CTO/ CEO

For tech geeks getting into running a business, widen the scope of your awareness and knowledge to take technology decisions

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Start your business - Step by Step

Step by step process of how you start your business from scratch

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Create your online business

Learn what business models you can use for creating an online business

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Internet Marketing Hackathon

Practical experience deploying internet marketing practices for your business

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Competitive Strategy

Initiative a strategy initiative to take your business to the next level

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Public Speaking for Business Executives

Master the art and science of public speaking in business settings

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Goal Setting

Get to write down your goals and learn a goal tracking techniques to achieve your goals

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