Social Dynamics

Are you struggling to connect with and influence your social circle? Are you trying to avoid the possibility for betrayal, back-stabbing and escape power games within a group you are part of?

The Social Dyanmics workshop analyzes behavioral patterns within social groups and advises on attitudes, behaviors and approaches to help you achieve your goals while being fair and friendly towards the group you are part of and also protecting yourself from hostile behavior.

The workshop is based on Social Psychology principles and practical experience in coaching, conflict resolution and transactional analysis.

About The Facilitator

Abdo Magdy

Founder & Principal Practitioner, Abdo Magdy International LLC

Founder & Chairman, Egypreneur

Strategic and Executive Leader with 10+ years of demonstrated experience in leadership, executive management and startups. Acquired massive knowledge and expertise in all affairs related to starting and growing companies, through hands-on experience creating startups and advising startups for sustainability and growth. Founded Egypreneur – The Network of Egyptian Entrepreneurs, in 2008, credited of igniting the entrepreneurship/startup movement in Egypt.

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