Digital Platform

In the past years, Egypreneur has designed and launched an arsenal of digital tools, during Q2 of 2014 Egypreneur is launching version 1.0 from a digital platform that bring together all these tools into a single One-Stop-Shop. The digital One-Stop-Shop is planned to be the defacto platform for starting and growing your business in Egypt and access global trade and investment opportunities.


Social Networking functionality such as profiles, startup profiles, micro-blogging features, events, communities .etc


OppAlert is the notification system of relevant business opportunities, you’ll receive alerts of events, RFPs and every conceivable business opportunity hosted or curated by our platform.

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub will host all digested knowledge from events, talks, book club meetings conducted or covered by Egypreneur, Egypreneur Library and Egypreneur University are sub-categories of the knowledge hub.


Marketplace will allow you to post your own catalogue of products and services while inquiring and following with products and services of your interest.


Toolbox provides handy tools like Egypreneur Compass, Egypreneur Wallet, Valuation, Loan calculators .etc

Ebda2 Wizard

Ebda2 Wizard is a Step-by-Step Wizard-like application enriched with information and resources and matches you to the right resources based on your current profile and challenges.

Community Stream

Community Stream is a blogging platform for Egypreneur Members that shares, news, tips, opinions, challenges .etc that our members face in their day to day business.


Egypreneur Jobs curate job opportunities in Startups and SMEs from different sources and channel interested applicants to the right vacancies

Startup Clinic

Startup Clinic is a health-check application where you can test and track your health indicator for finance, sales, market and receive recommendations to improve.


Egypreneur Answers details answers to all questions we had been asked before and provide a rich resource of Q&A on starting and growing your business in Egypt.


Egypreneur App will provide a handy access to most of the tools and facilities above and much more…