What we offer

Along our soon-to-become 10 years in business, we have developed 10 different ways in which we can help our community start and grow their business, below is a basic presentation of the scope of our operation with links to various offerings you can take advantage of right away!


Different types of Memberships to suite the needs of every busienss person with digital and physical services. Explore various membership types and learn more how it can help you grow.


Egypreneur Members are given access a network of clubs as a Shelter and physical one-stop-shop. Below are the basic services and facilities available for our members at Egypreneur Clubs.


Egypreneur Academy provides premium learning experience for entrepreneurs and executives in key topics using modern learning formats and techniques, explore some of the topics and learning methods we use at Egypreneur Academy


Egypreneur’s access to success and failure stories is the greatest asset for our advisory services providing a superior ability to recognize patterns of success and failure.


Understanding the challenges and needs entrepreneurs go through in the past 6 years equibbed us with the ability to design services that would help them with all challenges faced


Egypreneur organizes consistent networking events for its members, plus, organizing special events to highlight key trends and opportunities in different sectors.


Egypreneur provides premium technology solutions to help you reduce your costs, incresae your profits and expand your business. Below are some of the solutions we are currently offering


Egypreneur Insights is dedicated to curating and producing information products relevant to business activities in Egypt while supporting academic researchers with access to entrepreneurs


Egypreneur Advertising Solutions provides you with opportunities for consistent exposure towards your specific target market. Through event sponsorship, digital and physical ads placements and media integration.