We help you start and grow your business through providing access to a one-stop-shop business building platform with the facilities, programs, services and exposure belowi is a listing of these benefits:

Business Dashboard

Digital Business Dashboard that keeps you in-line with your goals and optimizes your performance

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Understanding your state and goals, we help you meet the right people

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Discounted Services

Get help in: funding, promotion, networking, hiring, learning and selling

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Global Exposure

Be part of a global network of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors

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Egypreneur Members are given access a digital one-stop-shop. Below are the basic services and facilities available for our members at Egypreneur Platform:


As the network for entrepreneurs in Egypt, Egypreneur clubs are empowered by frequent networking events designed in different models and make the best use our member’s networking time.
Club Lounge is an open lobby for club members to network freely and meet at any time of their choice, furthermore the online networking platform takes the experience further.

Club Lounge

Club Lounge is the open meetup area for all Egypreneur Members who are allowed to visit and schedule their meetings any time.

Administrative Support

Egypreneur Clubs provide its members with basic administrative support through availability of printers, photocopiers, telephone, mailing address, which is open for our members to utilize according to their needs.


Egypreneur Clubs are powered with workstations available for rent for our members at affordable rates, evolving our clubs into your 9-5 work environment, current the service is subjected to roles and regulations depending on the availability of physical spaces.

Conference Rooms

Egypreneur Clubs are also powered with Conference Rooms that can be used for your meetings, Egypreneur Clubs are located in premium locations, our Conference Rooms might be a good choice for your meetings in town.

Events & Programs

Egyprenuer Members are offered to use the club facilities to design their own events and offer their knowledge to fellow members, beside Egypreneur HQ’s designed programs and activities mentioned below.

Discounted Services

Egypreneur Members are also offered direct discounted services through the membership package.

Monthly Program

Monthly program of events is executed across all Egypreneur Clubs, beside partnerships with other players in the entrepreneurship community to bring competitions, activities and programs to our members. Each club leadership customizes the monthly agenda according to their needs, below are the recommended formats:

Networking EventsMonthlyVarious networking events at different scales
Peer SupportFrequentlyFind who from within the network might be able to help, schedule and meet at Egypreneur Club
Coaching SessionsMonthlyCome with challenges, leave with a plan, club manager schedule a coaching session and invite senior members and advisers
Business CirclesMonthlyDiscussing specific industries, sectors or common topic following the Art of Hosting Principles
Mentor SalonBi-MonthlyHosting an established entrepreneur for a one-on-one interview with club members
Book ClubsBi-MonthlyChoosing a business book to read each month and sharing the findings and extracting lessons to be shared with the network
ToastMasters MeetingsBi-monthlyStarting Official ToastMasters Clubs across Egypreneur Club, practising and advancing your public speaking skills
Egypt SolutionsMonthlyCrowdsourcing and sharing solutions and potential projects for Egypt’s most pressing problems, Za7ma, Electricity .etc
Sports & EntertainmentMonthlySome of the best trainers and training programs in town are available to help you lose weight or kick start your Parkour or ChessBoxing career

Digital Platform

In the past years, Egypreneur has designed and launched an arsenal of digital tools, during Q2 of 2014 Egypreneur is launching version 1.0 from a digital platform that bring together all these tools into a single One-Stop-Shop. The digital One-Stop-Shop is planned to be the defacto platform for starting and growing your business in Egypt and access global trade and investment opportunities.


Social Networking functionality such as profiles, startup profiles, micro-blogging features, events, communities .etc


OppAlert is the notification system of relevant business opportunities, you’ll receive alerts of events, RFPs and every conceivable business opportunity hosted or curated by our platform.

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub will host all digested knowledge from events, talks, book club meetings conducted or covered by Egypreneur, Egypreneur Library and Egypreneur University are sub-categories of the knowledge hub.


Marketplace will allow you to post your own catalogue of products and services while inquiring and following with products and services of your interest.


Toolbox provides handy tools like Egypreneur Compass, Egypreneur Wallet, Valuation, Loan calculators .etc

Ebda2 Wizard

Ebda2 Wizard is a Step-by-Step Wizard-like application enriched with information and resources and matches you to the right resources based on your current profile and challenges.

Community Stream

Community Stream is a blogging platform for Egypreneur Members that shares, news, tips, opinions, challenges .etc that our members face in their day to day business.


Egypreneur Jobs curate job opportunities in Startups and SMEs from different sources and channel interested applicants to the right vacancies

Startup Clinic

Startup Clinic is a health-check application where you can test and track your health indicator for finance, sales, market and receive recommendations to improve.


Egypreneur Answers details answers to all questions we had been asked before and provide a rich resource of Q&A on starting and growing your business in Egypt.


Egypreneur App will provide a handy access to most of the tools and facilities above and much more…

Discounted Services

While the digital platform presents a perfect fit to supporting and connecting our members, we extend our discounted services into more valuable activities and provide more support channels giving focus to every specific need and different condition. Most discounted services are provided to our members in partnership with third parties from the business creation ecosystem in Egypt and globally, areas in which this support is provided are:


The first few years of the life cycle of a startup is hard, really really hard. It’s very challenging for entrepreneurs to allocate proper funding for their startups, through our service in funding we offers a step by step process to allocate funding, this service allows entrepreneurs to have a better orientation of their funding needs and best way to approach different funding sources.


Getting known is also a challenge for entrepreneurs in Egypt, levering our network and communication channels and media outlets, we assist our members with ongoing opportunities for promotion, beside Egypreneur Ads network that adds and advertising edge to promotion plans that can be designed to our members.


As the network of entrepreneurs in Egypt, networking is one of Egypreneur’s strongest edges, we offer our members outstanding networking opportunities beside the ongoing networking events at the club, if your business requires you to connect to a specific network or community, we are glad to assist in designing the best approach for that.


Allocating the right talent for your startup is often challenging, beside our Egypreneur Jobs digital product, we are happy to assist our members through various programs for acquiring and retaining talent, including interns and trainees, for example Internship Program conducted in partnership with AIESEC to source foreign interns to enrich your startup culture .etc


Entrepreneurs can not afford but stay ahead of the curve on their knowledge and domain expertise, beside materials generated from our media outlets, we design custom tools and programs to help our members stay on top of the knowledge world both in business and entrepreneurship and in their specific area of interest/expertise (e.g. technology, mobile development .etc)


Sales are the decider of whether a startup will survive or not, through our trade shows and exhibitions we are able to help our members expose their products and sales message to the right audience, probably resulting on ongoing sales streams.

Global Access

As one of the best way to support local entrepreneurs is to launch them into global markets, Egypreneur is focusing on expanding its trade and investment network globally and build capacities for supporting entrepreneurs through its network of strong trade and investment relations. While a lot more capacities are planned for the future, during 2014 Egypreneur is building a network of Ambassadors around the world and launching 4+ trade and investment missions by entrepreneurs in 4 different cities around the world.

Ambassadors Network

We are currently building a network of global ambassadors in various cities around the world, Ambassadors are contracted by Egypreneur HQ and licensed in downing the following:

  • Initiating and expanding Trade & Investment Partnerships
  • Designing Events & Activities
  • Starting Local Clubs
  • Assisting Egypreneur Trade & Investment Missions

if you would like to join the network please email


Trade & Investment Missions

Currently we are in the process of designing and launching Trade and Investment missions in the following global hubs, percentage marks the level of preparation and completion for each city:

London – 90%
New York City – 60%
Kuala Lumpur – 40%
Helsinki – 30%