Membership for Startups

Egypreneur Membership for startups allows founding team to connect with the right contacts experimenting and make sure they are doing it right..

Right People

Get to meet your early employees, expert mentors from Egypreneur network.

Right Cashflow

Let Egypreneur support your cashflow survival strategy through creative offering!

Right Business Model

Revise, pivot, chance, experiment until your reach the right business model

Right Media & PR

Attract the right media & PR attention at the right time, just about enough!

We offer startup teams bundles of services offered to individual members with special discount and optimization to suit the needs of startups. Startups are 1-3 year old entities with less than 10 full time employees.

Startup membership helps:

  • Listed on startup database
  • Included in relevant sub-categories
  • Notifications and access to opportunities
  • Access to consulting service
  • Access to Ebda2 platform