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With extensive network in the center of the world, Egypreneur is your launchpad to access global markets connecting Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and beyond.

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With extensive network in Egypt, we are your best partner into expanding your business in Egypt

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In order to empower Egyptian entrepreneurs to take their businesses into global markets, attract foreign investment to Egypt and eventually evolving Egypt into a trade and investment hub again. Egypreneur is focusing on expanding its trade and investment network globally and build capacities for supporting entrepreneurs, below are some of the areas where we are focusing on

Events Participation

Egypreneur is seeking to participate and facilitate the opportunity for its members to participate in global events and conferences relevant to their businesses, below are events we are seeking to join in 2014

Trade & Investment Missions

Currently we are in the process of designing and launching Trade and Investment missions in a number of global entrepreneurship hubs.

During 2013, we launched The London Bound to be our first mission in London, check out details below

Ambassadors Network

We are currently building a network of global ambassadors in various cities around the world, Ambassadors are contracted by Egypreneur HQ and licensed in downing the following:

  • Initiating and expanding Trade & Investment Partnerships
  • Designing Events & Activities
  • Starting local clubs
  • Assisting Egypreneur Trade & Investment Missions

if you would like to join the network please email

Market Information

Throughout our different activities Egypreneur is providing information about challenges and opportunities in global market that can be taken advantage of by Egypreneur members.


I got accepted in a competition or showcase aboard and I need financial help to participate, how can Egypreneur help?

Egypreneur has good relationship with partners who might be willing to help finance our members’ global exposure in case of real value returning on them and the startup scene from their participation.

I'm preparing a business trip to meet with partners and investors, how Egypreneur can help me?

Egypreneur have access to a global network of startup enthusiasts and supporters, by getting in touch we can schedule meetings for you or introduce to some who might become your next investor or strategic partner.

I'm seeking global investors to my startup in Egypt, how can Egypreneur help me?

Egypreneur is expanding its network of investors willing to receive offers from Egypt. By now, we have fairly strong network willing to evaluate your proposal, if you have a strong proposal, feel free to get in touch.

My startup targets customers in global markets, how can Egypreneur help me?

Egypreneur is preparing a market introduction program through its network, by getting in touch with us, we’ll evaluate the capacity of the opportunity and might match you to the right partner or give you access to our infrastructure to expand your business.

How can I participate in some of Egypreneur Trade and Investment Missions?

Trade and Investment Missions are announced at least 8 weeks before it’s execution, we welcome participation from individuals, associations or  Trade and Investment agencies to promote Egyptian startups and SMEs.

I'm designing a business plan to be executed in a foreign market, how can Egypreneur help me?

Egypreneur is very interested in market information, through its Entrepreneur Information Network, Egypreneur curates information about global markets and can provide you with both information products or networking and assistance with potential partners in your target market.

I want to expand my business to Egypt, how can Egypreneur help me?

While Egypreneur support services if for members targeting the global market, we can help you expand your business to Egypt by matching you to the right partners from our network and providing facilitation through any of our dedicated services.

I want to outsource parts of my business to Egypt, how Egypreneur can help me?

Egypreneur Network includes quality suppliers of varied services, by contacting our Global team you’ll be introduced to quality service providers who might be help you in your next big step of expanding your team with quality, intelligent workforce in Egypt.