04 Dec 2014


For Individuals

Egypreneur Membership for individuals provides entrepreneurs, experts and investors access to a wide network of contacts, opportunities and facilities to boost their personal and professional success.


Surround yourself with the right contacts, gain knowledge, opportunities and services to scale your business.


Demonstrate your expertise and industry leadership, promote your services and join in building the next big thing!


Gain access to industry analysis and trends, a pipeline of investment opportunities and studies of what works!

Membership for Entrepreneurs

Egypreneur Membership for Entrepreneurs provides 360 degrees access to all that’s needed to start and grow your business.


Find the right partners for your next venture


Connect with industry experts and leaders and find your mentors


Gain access to investors looking for quality pipeline for investment.


Access a rich bundle of services to boost your entrepreneurial readiness.

Membership for Experts

Egypreneur membership for experts given the opportunity to offer consulting and knowledge services


Egypreneur membership help you promote your consulting services

Service package

Gain access to service packages to help you start and scale your consulting business.

Membership for Investors

Egypreneur membership for investors offers access to a quality pipeline of investment opportunities, solid insights on performance and trends.

Investment Pipeline

Connect with serious, quality entrepreneurs with solid investment opportunities.


Gain exclusive access to Insight board, with updates on performance, trends .etc


Stay connected with Egypt’s top entrepreneurs.

Abdo Magdy

Founder at Egypreneur

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