25 Feb 2020

Insights from Raising & Managing Money Panel at Startup Haus

It was an impressive turn around despite the rain and almost blocked traffic in Cairo, 42 people showed up to attend the panel discussion featuring the visiting delegation of the ProFellows, U.S. Exchange Program.

Featuring panelists from Calvert Impact Capital, Village Capital, and LifeCents side by side with Egypreneur’s investment mentor Hamd Al Khayat – the “Raising and Managing Money” panel discussion featured dialogue in bridging the gap between the level of readiness of entrepreneurs in Egypt with available funding instruments globally.

Highlights from the panel included:

Investment is made according to steps, stages, and milestones, you need to understand and define your current stage and your next milestones, otherwise, you’d be wasting your and other people’s time.

If you never ask, the answer is always no. Erica

Do it now and apologize later. Hamd Al Khayat

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Abdo Magdy

Founder at Egypreneur

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