22 Nov 2010

Celebration of Entrepreneurship – November 8-9, 2010

In a stunning event hosted by Abraaj Capital: the largest private equity firms in the middle east, over 2,000 Entrepreneurs, established businessmen and officials brought together into a transformational 2 days full of speeches, passion corners, sparks and empowering workshops.

The design of the event was amazing to think that there are 11 speakers at every single moment (1 The Corner), (3 Passion Corners), (3 Empowering Workshops), (2 Wamda Live) and (3 Sparks).

The following video from Kharabeesh illustrates the events very simply:

During the event, Wamda.com launch have taken place.

This video will convey to you the dynamism and how does it feel inside CoE2010 – footage taken around The Corner section of the event space (duration: 4:13 minutes)

Speaking, practicality by the end of the event Arif Naqvi CEO of Abraaj Group announced the Think Tank Partnership and the stage of the corner was filled by those committed money and time to supporting entrepreneurship in the region.

The highlights of the Live Streaming is available here: http://wamda.com/coe

Now, just go ahead register at http://wamda.com

Abdo Magdy

Founder at Egypreneur

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