Startup Business Circles Kick-started at Egypreneur Club

Entrepreneurship and rigidity are two aspects that rarely ever share the same grounds. Sadly, as many entrepreneurs venture into the field, they are greeted by the rigid shackles created by the government and well established businesses. Alone, it becomes almost impossible to tear down the walls of bureaucracy; but together, entrepreneurs can shift the status… Continue reading Startup Business Circles Kick-started at Egypreneur Club

Egypreneur Vlogging Phase

Hi Everyone, We’re starting a new phase with Egypreneur through which Abdo the founder of Egypreneur will be running a YouTube channel presenting ideas about Entrepreneurship in Egypt. The first video is out, the low quality is exceptional this time, the production setting is being updated and the other videos will be in better quality… Continue reading Egypreneur Vlogging Phase

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